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Catechetical Resources

These following sections are for use by those who want to learn more about the Orthodox Christian Faith.  Just click on any of the following content headings to read the section.

-Holy Tradition in the Orthodox Church

-God Exists

-What God Is

-The Holy Trinity

-God the Father

-The Son is God

-The Holy Spirit is God

-Attributes of the Holy Spirit

-The Creation of the World

-Creation of the Spiritual World

-The Creation of Man

-Origin and the Condition of Primitive Man

-Original Sin and it’s Consequences

-The Salvation of Fallen Man

-The Incarnation of the Logos

-The God/Man

-Divine and Human Nature of Christ

-The Three Offices of Christ

-The Holy Spirit


-Divine Grace





-Holy Eucharist

-Holy Confession

-Holy Priesthood


-Holy Unction

-Concerning Death

-What Happens After Death

-The Resurrection of the Dead

-Eternal Life and Eternal Hell

*Thank you to the Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse of Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in L.A, California